[amsat-bb] Re: Help with CIV and IC-910H

Tim Tuck tim.tuck at penrith.net
Wed Apr 2 14:30:39 PST 2008

Rafael Valdez G. wrote:
> Tim,
> I have an ICOM 706 and use Orbitron, by any chance do you know if I 
> can do doppler control in it using the CIV?

Yes, with WispDDE, Orbitron sends the data to WispDDE and it controls 
the radio. I don't think the 706 is full duplex but it should track 
nicely anyway.  WispDDE also allows transparent  tuning, i.e. If I hear 
someone in the passband  up from my initial position I can tune the 910 
and  WispDDE will maintain  the doppler shift by computing the delta 
between what Orbitron is telling it and what freq it gets back from the 
radio. All very cool. SatPC32 will do that too.




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