[amsat-bb] Re: how about an amsat moon mission?

Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR] kenneth.g.ransom at nasa.gov
Sat Sep 29 20:02:48 PDT 2007

Seems the best AMSAT could hope for is $25 million.

		* The $30 million prize purse is segmented into a $20 million Grand Prize, a $5 million Second Prize and $5 million in bonus prizes. To win the Grand Prize, a team must successfully soft land a privately funded spacecraft on the Moon, rove on the lunar surface for a minimum of 500 meters, and transmit a specific set of video, images and data back to the Earth. The Grand Prize is $20 million until December 31st 2012; thereafter it will drop to $15 million until December 31st 2014 at which point the competition will be terminated unless extended by Google and the X PRIZE Foundation. To win the Second Prize, a team must land their spacecraft on the Moon, rove and transmit data back to Earth. Second place will be available until December 31st 2014 at which point the competition will be terminated unless extended by Google and the X PRIZE Foundation.
		* Bonus prizes will be won by successfully completing additional mission tasks such as roving longer distances (> 5,000 meters), imaging man made artifacts (e.g. Apollo hardware), discovering water ice, and/or surviving through a frigid lunar night (approximately 14.5 Earth days). The competing lunar spacecraft will be equipped with high-definition video and still cameras, and will send images and data to Earth, which the public will be able to view on the Google Lunar X PRIZE website. 

It also seems the cost of hardware (HD cameras, still cameras, video transmission hardware...) and getting there would eat up a bunch of that prize money.
Still, we could always try to piggyback on anyone going there with our own transponder and offer the experience AMSAT has with space communications on a limited budget as an exchange for the upmass costs.
Kenneth - N5VHO


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There is currently 30 million USD on the table for the first privately
funded venture to return to the moon, rover 500 meters, and send
back a mooncast (about a GB of data)  Would AMSAT like to be involved in
this?  A transponder on OSCAR 0 with enough bandwith for video has
possibilities and the 30 million could provide a nice subsidy, or we could
partner with one of the competetors for a low cost/free ride in exchange for
??.  What do those on the BB think?  see
http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/for details.  amsat-dl is headed to
mars, and the moon seems easier, not to
mention the prize funding on the table.  OSCAR 0 could use an upgrade, Let's
do it!

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