[amsat-bb] Re: how about an amsat moon mission?

MM ka1rrw at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 16:56:39 PDT 2007

Going to the moon is now possible.

With nasa now planning on landers and rovers, etc.
it maybe be possible to piggy back on one of thoes
rockets and get a free ride and free power
and maybe reuse existing nasa antennas.

The last time i checked the power source was not
defined for the landers.  that is one of the key

Next, we need to find the schematics for AO-13
dust them off and build the same transponers.
We need to keep it simple, none of this 
digital radio stuff, just a simple mode B transponers.
Need something that can be thrown together in less
than 12 months and easily duplicated.\
A digital system would take 10 years and 10 million
to develop (remember ao-40, 10 years and 3+ million).

Any clubs out there have the prints and want to
submit the ao-13 transponer to be tide to a lander
on the Moon?

wf1f, Miles

--- Eric Fort <eric.fort at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is currently 30 million USD on the table for
> the first privately
> funded venture to return to the moon, rover 500
> meters, and send
> back a mooncast (about a GB of data)  Would AMSAT
> like to be involved in
> this?  A transponder on OSCAR 0 with enough bandwith
> for video has
> possibilities and the 30 million could provide a
> nice subsidy, or we could
> partner with one of the competetors for a low
> cost/free ride in exchange for
> ??.  What do those on the BB think?  see
> http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/for details. 
> amsat-dl is headed to
> mars, and the moon seems easier, not to
> mention the prize funding on the table.  OSCAR 0
> could use an upgrade, Let's
> do it!
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