[amsat-bb] Re: Terrestrial QRM....

John Marranca, Jr jmarranca at bnsystems.com
Sat Sep 29 03:54:12 PDT 2007

I have monitored 145.850 all week here in the Chicago suburbs, and not heard

a thing.

I took Bruce's recording of the QRM and boosted the audio in Audacity, then
slowed it down, and I'm pretty sure I can hear a snippet of a VE call in
there, and a hint of a north-of-the-border accent on one of the stations.

APPARENTLY...there is/are a repeater(s) in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario
that provides a link-up to AO-51 when it is overhead.



As far as hearing VE calls, I have heard this is well.



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY

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