[amsat-bb] slightly off topic

pcalvi@bluewin.ch pcalvi at bluewin.ch
Thu Sep 27 00:37:46 PDT 2007

Hello everybody,

I apologize for taking up bandwidth for this, but I am assembling a 
"semi classic" satellite station built around my FT902DM / FT901 duo 
and I am looking for an FTV901 transverter complete with the 2 m and 
70 cm modules. I already have one, but it only has the 2 m module. I 
have been looking on Ebay for a while, with no joy. If you happen to 
know of one on sale, kindly let me know (hb9dsu at amsat.org).

Thanks a lot in advance and 73.

Piero HB9DSU

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