[amsat-bb] Re: Running Rotors on A/C Inverters ?

Reicher, James JReicher at hrblock.com
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I've had good results running my HD73 rotor, using a 300W inverter,
purchased from a big-box store discounter, for about $40.

I bought it initially to run a 13" TV with a built-in VCR in the car for
my harmonics when on long trips.  It uses a lot more wattage (140 watts)
than the rotor does and I've never had an issue with it cutting out or
blowing a fuse. 

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Hello All,
 I have a old Alliance HD-73 azimuth rotor and a Kenpro KR-500
elevation rotor.At present time I cant set up at my home on a
permanent basis  but would like to run a setup on a spare utility
trailer that I can work from in a field behind my house...problem is
no A/C power.....I am curious what size  a/c inverter would be
recommended for this type of load......I'm currently taking the ARRL
Analog Electronics course and am learning how to figure such things
but I'm not comfortable making calculations for a real world situation
that involves motors at this time. I am also aware that you have to be
carefull with what "quality" of inverter you choose.....some of the
cheaper units you buy at discount places are WAY overrated.....I'm
looking for something thats a good VALUE....Thanks



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