[amsat-bb] F8ZS silent key

Bernard Pidoux F6BVP f6bvp at free.fr
Thu Sep 20 13:34:34 PDT 2007

It is with sadness that I must inform our AMSAT colleagues, of the 
passing away of Jean Edmond Gruau F8ZS, President of Radio Amateur Club 
de l'Espace and Honorary President of AMSAT-France.

Jean was the father of ARSENE radioamateur mini satellite, launched in 
may 1993.

He retired a few years ago from its position as Inspecteur General of 
the french space agency (CNES) that he contributed to create as well as 
the European Space Center in Kourou, french Guyana.

Jean F8ZS was a very kind man with always a lot of good stories to tell 
to his visiting friends about his large experience in radio 
transmissions and preventive failure security in space industry.

73 de Bernard F6BVP,
AMSAT France founding President


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