[amsat-bb] Re: Terrestrial QRM to FM satellites

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:02:43 PDT 2007

At 05:57 AM 9/21/2007, John Marranca, Jr wrote:

>happening during the Mode K Russian sat days.  Quite honestly, I think it's
>rude and selfish that any person would not follow a gentleman's agreement

Sometimes it's simple ignorance, and a bit of education can go a long 
way when this happens (and you might get a new satellite operator if 
you do it right :) ).

>bandplan.  (Reminds me of a local guy about 15 years ago that would talk to
>his buddies on 144.000 FM.)

Well that one is not only ignorant, it's illegal, as half of his 
signal is outside the band...

73 de VK3JED

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