[amsat-bb] Re: New Preamp

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Sep 18 18:28:33 PDT 2007

--- scott wilson <s.wilson at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > Hamtronics and they are still in business and do 
> > offer a wide range of inexpensive preamps.
> > See http://www.hamtronics.com/lnk.htm.
> I have a couple of concerns about those preamps. They are probably fine
> for portable/HT operation, but they may not be up to a permanent base
> station application. The first concern would be with weather. If you
> look at the SSB preamps, you'll see that they are enclosed in a
> weatherproof case with the connectors facing downward, and are inside of
> an RF sheilded case inside of that.
> Second would be the power handling capabilities.

In fact, they have no power handling capabilities, as they don't
have a relay.  For me, this ruled out both DEM and Hamtronics,
as I decided that I simply didn't want to have to put a relay assembly
together that would reliably deal with 100 watts at 432.  Buying one
would have been out of the question, unless I got lucky on ebay.
The end result would have been more versatile, but probably not
less expensive.


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