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Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at pacbell.net
Tue Sep 18 16:18:17 PDT 2007

I've never used hamtronics *preamps*, but I've built
some of their other stuff. It seemed to me that the
manuals assumed you'd built things before (not a
problem for me), and they weren't real "user friendly"
like Heathkit or Elecraft.
The pines shouldn't be too much problem at VHF/UHF,
but will kill you on 2.4GHz.
73, Jim

--- Bryant <bryantcw at cox.net> wrote:

> Dave and the BB-
> The thread  on antenna preamps has been very
> interesting and helpful to me as I'm in the final
> stages of]  putting my satellite station on the air-
> [determining where to mount the antennas at the
> moment].  I checked your  reference to Hamtronics
> and they are still in business and do offer a wide
> range of inexpensive preamps.  See
> http://www.hamtronics.com/lnk.htm.
> I wonder if anyone else has had any experience with
> these preamps and, if so. what were your
> conclusions?
> Also, does anyone know how much affect pine trees
> have on ham satellite communications?  There are two
> tall ones within 30 meters of where I'm considering
> mounting my antennas.
> Thanks for all the good ideas that the BB members
> have shared  over the years.
> Bryant, W2RGG/6,
>  AMSAT member # 25030
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>   At 09:25 PM 9/17/2007, you wrote:
>   >Welcome to the wonderful world of mast-mounted
>   >preamps! 90% of the people who get involved with
>   >satellites (INCLUDING myself) think they don't
> *need*
>   >a preamp. After doing all you can (better
> antenna,
>   >lower loss feedline, etc) to get your receive
> setup
>   >maxed out, you finally decide to "just try one; I
> can
>   >always sell it on eBay", and are usually amazed
> at the
>   >improvement it gives you.
>   >The _first_ thing I suggest to newcomers is to
> buy a
>   >good preamp. Sadly, most are like I was, and
> stumble
>   >around for weeks or months worrying about other
> things
>   >before finally buying one.
>   >Congrats, and enjoy your preamp!
>   >73, Jim  KQ6EA
>   Right on the nose, Jim, and they don't have to be
> expensive 
>   either,....the ones I use are from HAMTRONICS
> (assume they are still 
>   in business).  they are at least 20 years old,
> built from a kit, and 
>   mounted in a wx proof box at the antenna, still
> functioning 100% and 
>   as I remember about 18 bucks at the time.  They
> outdid  others on a 
>   side by side coax switched test, and needless to
> say the owner of the 
>   "big time charlie"was not too happy!!  Hamtronics
> has pre-built for a 
>   few bucks more, or did at that time...Use them,
> and hang just about 
>   any kind of antenna on for what we have flying
> now....One made from 
>   coat hangers would work just fine...And I've said
> this before.....low 
>   loss coax, and prime connectors properly attached.
>   I see the "antenna discussers" on here having the
> time of their life, 
>   and more power to them, probably on of the most
> fun parts of ham 
>   radio for some of us, but don't forget to include
> and calculate LOSES 
>   in the entire system.  Your most magic antenna can
> go down the tubes with them.
>               73, Dave wb6llo at amsat.org
>                       Disagree: I learn....
>                  Pulling for P3E... 
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