[amsat-bb] Re: New Preamp

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Sep 18 11:54:30 PDT 2007

--- Gary Memory <gmemory at tks-net.com> wrote:

> First, it is difficult (not impossible, just difficult) to obtain a better
> front end noise figure than what the original receiver manufacturer has
> created.

Is this for the latest whiz-bang radio, or the ~8db NF FT-726R that I
have?  I've read as much as I can absorb on the issue of preamps, and
had some doubts before I bought it.  But like I said in my earlier post, I
can now hear and understand FM signals that previously would only cause
a bit of quieting, but not enough to hear anything.  And that's with the
brick put back in, which was giving me something like 3db signal loss on
receive.  All things considered, this was worth it for me.

Bob - AE6RV

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