[amsat-bb] New Preamp

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Mon Sep 17 20:33:44 PDT 2007

My new 70cm preamp came in today!  I got the ARR mast-mount
version.  I wasn't sure I'd hear any improvement, but it's very
noticeable.  I was able to hear QSOs on SO-50 down to about
15 degrees tonight, whereas before, 20 was really stretching.
I am using a turnstile in the attic with reflector elements at about
9.25" below the radiators.  I can see that I'm eventually going to
have to build more robust versions of my turnstiles and put them
on top of the roof.

My power supply is a bit odd, so maybe someone will get a kick
out of it.  I have an Atlas 210X left over from years ago, and
the PSU will power either of my bricks.  The 210X slides into the
PSU which an SO-239 on the back of it.  In order to get the power
up to the preamp, I added a fused switchbox and sent the power 
through that SO-239.  This allowed me to just screw on a Radio 
Shack 50 ft length of RG-58 without having to cobble up a 
connector on the rig end.

Bob - AE6RV

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