[amsat-bb] Re: LoTW: grid squares

John P. Toscano tosca005 at tc.umn.edu
Sat Sep 15 19:26:26 PDT 2007

John Mock KD6PAG wrote:
> I have a similar issue with grid squares.  I've been careful to adhere to
> the VUCC rules on operating on grid square boundaries (and often taken
> photographs to provide additional documentation).  However, those who have
> received my QSL cards will note that LoTW is not checked on those cards.
> It seems that LoTW insists that grid squares be four or six characters
> long.  So, how would i denote my operations from 38N0'0.00 118W0'0.00
> (DM07/08/17/18)?  Can anyone help me out on this one?  

ARRL Rules for Contests on Bands Above 50 MHz say:

"1.11.A station located precisely on a dividing line between grid
  squares must select only one as the location for exchange purposes.
  A different grid-square multiplier cannot be given without moving the
  complete station (including antennas) at least 100 meters."

So, in the case of a grid corner, you can pick any one of the 4 grids in 
the corner, but you have to move the whole station to count a QSO in any 
of the 3 other adjoining grids.  Same thing for a grid line, only 2 
grids instead of 4 are involved.

I seem to recall that there was an AMSAT rule that was different, 
allowing a QSO at an exact grid corner to count for all 4 grids, and a 
QSO at an exact grid line to count for both grids, but I can't seem to 
locate that rule to see exactly when it applies...

73 de WØJT

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