[amsat-bb] Re: distributors of solid fiberglass crossbooms

Steve Meuse smeuse at mara.org
Mon Sep 10 07:34:55 PDT 2007

MM expunged (ka1rrw at yahoo.com):
> I use a sold 12 foot fiberglass rod for elevation.
> it is a 1.25".  but it was a bit narrow and will
> somtimes slip at the M2 antenna brackts. 

I had the same issue, I used a 1.25" fiberglass boom with the M2 antennas. I recently replaced the stock M2 u-bolts (which are designed for 2" masting) with smaller u-bolts that now keep the antennas solidly in place. DX engineering has a nice supply of bolts and saddles, the quality is very good. 


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