[amsat-bb] Linux Gpredict, Doppler, and the FM satellites

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Wed Sep 5 15:23:06 PDT 2007

One of the problems I've encountered on my FT-726R
without preamps is finding the satellite signal when
it's really weak.  I had been just switching to USB
and hunting around till it got strong enough to hear
on FM, but that was rather aggravating.  I use Linux
and "gpredict" tracking software, so I finally changed 
the program's doppler readout for the FM sats to just 
show the khz and 100hz values.  IOW, the doppler 
readout now shows 8032 to tell me that the sat is 
now on or about 436.8032.  If anyone wants a copy 
of the source mods, let me know.

Bob - AE6RV

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