[amsat-bb] Polarity Switcher Relay - repost

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Sep 4 18:48:46 PDT 2007

Hello Amsat list,

Sorry for the repost.  I see a copy in the archive, but I
didn't get anything by email.

I'm a new list member.  My call is AE6RV.  My radio is
an FT-726R with a couple of Mirage bricks.  My antennas
are: a turnstile on 2m and a turnstiled moxon on 70cm;
both in the attic.  I don't have any preamps yet.  I've 
been working just the FM sats lately.

I have a question about polarization switchers.  Right now
I don't have any and suffer pretty bad fades.  I seem to
be frozen by "analysis paralysis".  I'm thinking of using
the Omron G5V-2 relay in a simple switcher with the 
contacts paralleled.  As I'm running less than 100 watts
at the antenna this looks like a good choice - I think, or
should I be looking at something else?  My budget is limited, 
so expensive relay setups are out of the question.  If anyone
has a link to a good homebrew switcher for 70cm I'd
appreciate seeing it.  Maybe I'm making it too complicated.

Bob - AE6RV

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