[amsat-bb] Re: ATTENTION: Domain "amsat-dl.de"

Arthur Feller afeller at ieee.org
Mon Sep 3 19:03:43 PDT 2007

Hi, Peter!

At 04:52 PM 03-09-2007, you wrote:
>Hmm, doesn't it belong to AMSAT-NA?? And can someone use AMSAT-Hc as 
>an registered trademark even if AMSAT is already registered? just 
>curious... 73s Peter Peter Guelzow

Unlike copyrights, no world agreement exists for trademarks.

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, also known as AMSAT, has 
registered the trademarks including the name AMSAT as well as the 
familiar globe and arrow symbol.  But, this has effect only within the USA.

In years past, amateur satellite organizations around the world were 
encouraged to register their trademark(s) in their own countries to 
help protect the name.  If not already done, each amateur satellite 
organization should register their trademarks as soon as possible, if 
the name hasn't been taken by someone else already.

I hope this helps.

73, art.....
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