[amsat-bb] AO7 question

tjjapha@earthlink.net tjjapha at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 1 17:08:54 PDT 2007

I must have missed something!  AO7 is a great bird despite all the FMing,
but one thing puzzles me: the rx freq. is always WAY off the calculated
freq.  based on the translation between the bands.  Isn't it supposed to be
145.950 down for 432.150 up, and inversely related (145.948=432.152, etc.)?
If it is, it isn't that in reality!  What's the real deal?  IOf course it's
all +/- doppler, but early in the pass, my doppler shift is below the
nominal freq.  Yikes!
Tnx & 73,
Tony, N2U

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