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Don Fanning don at 00100100.net
Wed Oct 31 16:40:33 PST 2007

I see there being quite a few financial avenues that AMSAT can go with 
that could fund the next few missions in itself.  Since AMSAT-NA is a 
501(c)3 non-profit, it's able to take in money and give back whatever 
the donor wants (tax writeoff's, good PR, etc..).  For instance:

* Obviously commercial enterprise might want to contribute if it works 
out for them that they can make products that amateurs would want to buy 
(ie: ICOM/Kenwood/Yaesu not to mention companies like Winegard (makers 
of portable geosync satellite antennas like the ones you see on RV's), 
microchip makers (just to promote their product is being used since 
we're not bound by NDA to non-disclose the build out of phase4lite)).

* Clubs would donate just like they do now if it means for them an 
easier way for getting their membership numbers up.

* And since it's going to be very prime for emergency response, local 
and state governments would probably chip in since usually they purchase 
ham gear anyways for their own emergency communications.  Being able to 
use a geosync satellite means less cost for them to relay 
health/safety/logistic information into areas affected.  To them, it's 
an insurance policy even if they never use it and alot less costs than a 
commercial link that involves contracts and recurring costs.  And other 
than the occasional test, they probably wouldn't use it thus leaving the 
bird free, open and *paid* for.

Ultimately, I don't think you'll ever see individual contributor 
donations like the past.  Many that i've talked to kinda felt burnt 
after the launch failure of p3d.  And the time it took for it to launch 
was way too long for most people to digest.  I've had my ticket for 15+ 
years now and I remember reading about p3d *before* that by quite a few 
years.  Since pico/microsats are cheaper and usually are launched by 
schools/organizations for education purposes separate of providing 
service to the ham community, I don't think people will feel a great 
urgency to even spend their money donating to these groups.

- Don (KL7EET)

Dave Guimont wrote:
>> This bird will be extremely poular among "today's crowd", and will 
>> probably bring out an entirely new crop of amateurs who will enjoy 
>> playing, but will avoid helping to pay the costs involved. I think 
>> we should either be prepared to endure this without complaint, or 
>> have a plan to deal with this opportunity to gain new paying members of AMSAT.
> Enjoyed your comments, Mike....What we need of course, are "paying 
> members", and their membership dues probably helps with only a part 
> of the expenses involved...
> What we really need are "donating members", and to get them we need 
> something a little more attractive than a satellite that only 
> requires them to go out an buy an HT, and push the mike button!!
> I've been a club member in San Diego, North Shores ARC, and have 
> given briefings to all of the other 18 clubs in San Diego at one time 
> or another...When we had HEOS the effort
> created some new members, some club donations, NSARC was one of the 
> contributors, and general interest among quite a few operators.
> The "two meter mentality" affecienados (sp?), resulted in zilch, as 
> far as I know..
>> I think we can expect complaints about those "high dollar" 2M and 
>> 440 yagis, though.
> They both can be homebrewed by anyone who can use a hacksaw and tape 
> measure....buy everything new, and the N connectors and the coax cost 
> more than the antenna materials!
> Instructions for both, with options can be found at:
> http://home.san.rr.com/doguimont/uploads/
> HEOS of course require pointing, but near apogee that can be done 
> "armstrong" very easily,
> There are plenty of used rotors around, that are relatively 
> inexpensive in comparison to the price of radios required....
>> It has not escaped me that there will be considerable commonality of 
>> hardware between Eagle and Phase 4, so that any effort will benefit 
>> both projects, and that is good.
> I am sure you are right on target there, Mike, and can hardly wait 
> for both to happen!!
>             73, Dave wb6llo at amsat.org
>                     Disagree: I learn....
>                Pulling for P3E... 
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