[amsat-bb] geo stationary bird

John Franke jmfranke at cox.net
Wed Oct 31 14:29:52 PST 2007

I look forward to a mixture of satellites, including a geo-bird.  The 
geo-bird would allow for system testing with a known source at a known 
position.  The presence of a beacon(s) up above the horizon would mean it 
would be an excellent source for antenna testing, antenna contests, receiver 
development, beacon data demodulation development, etc.  And, for beginners, 
it eliminates or drastically reduces two variables to getting on - easy 
tracking and Doppler compensation.  Then, they could move on to more 
complicated antenna and receiving systems.  The satellite could also be used 
for disseminating important periodic information - even live transmissions 
from AMSAT conferences.

My two cents,

AMSAT 10211 

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