[amsat-bb] Re: Phase 4

sco@sco-inc.com sco at sco-inc.com
Tue Oct 30 18:09:50 PST 2007

At 07:37 PM 10/30/2007, you wrote:
>It is a great project and deserves our full support!
>Having said that we also need to realize, that depending on the location of
>the satellite above the equator we might only have the Americas in the foot
>print. No Europe or Africa and no Asia. Since the first geostationary
>satellite with amateur radio has to provide tangible support for government
>agencies (funding source) it will certainly be primarily centered around a
>North American footprint. That's why we need to keep Eagle alive and support
>Phase 3E.
>All together they will give us the full package of worldwide DX via
>satellite and reliable high power communication in the Americas.
>73. Stefan VE4NSA

if its an AMSAT-NA project and money then I hope it is over the Americas!!!
Think of the possibilities ... WAS, worked all US Counties (by Sat), 
worked all grids, worked all Canadian provinces, etc. Probably could 
even do it all MOBILE too, if one wanted to.


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