[amsat-bb] ISS & STS-120

Jeff Yanko wb3jfs at cox.net
Wed Oct 24 18:51:45 PDT 2007

Hi all!

Around 0117z the ISS and STS-120 passed over Las Vegas, NV with a 
spectacular view.  With the sun already behind the Spring mountain range to 
the west, it was leaving a light orange glow along the the top of the range. 
According to the keps, STS-120 was to appear first from the NW direction, 
followed by the ISS approximately 45 seconds later, both reached a zenith of 
71 degrees in the clear desert sky.  However, upon viewing the objects it 
appeared that the ISS was first and STS-120 was the one following.  I am 
basing this observation on the magnitude of the objects.  In any case, it 
was a nice sight to behold and will look forward to future sightings.


Jeff  WB3JFS


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