[amsat-bb] Help using WISP and Pkunzip

K7WIN - Jeff k7win at k7win.net
Sun Oct 14 10:50:26 PDT 2007

I don't know if this is the right place for asking for help using WISP. If
not please let me know.

I have WISP installed and working properly except I cannot seem to get
pkunzip to unpack files after downloading them from GO-32.

1. I have verified that the WISP working directory (in my case d:\WISP) is
in autoexec.bat
2. I have verified that the pif files are in the WISP working directory.
3. Pkunzip.exe, pkzip.exe are both in WISP working directory
4. I have checked the pif files and the working directory is blank, cmd line
is pkunzip.exe

I am not sure what else to check and any help is surely appreciated.

Jeff - K7WIN

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