[amsat-bb] LEO in Europe

Paulo Pinto pspinto at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 13 09:07:58 PDT 2007



I don't know exactly how is the experience of the use of LEO in other parts
of the globe. All I can say is that in this part of Europe it is more
frustration than satisfaction. Stations calling without listening. Stations
calling during a QSO. Stations making satellites their private phone. I find
myself and my portable setup near the edge. I look down and I feel like
willing to dive into the deep abysm. Crash my Arrow antenna and my TH-D7 and
say goodbye. I quit.


What can I do to change this behaviour? If I say something to them they will
acuse me of being something I'm not.


Let's keep supporting AMSAT and wait for a better future.


CT1ETE, Paulo Pinto

AMSAT President's Club member

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