[amsat-bb] ANDE & FCAL

Chris Bloy chris at photofuture.co.uk
Tue Oct 9 02:07:26 PDT 2007

Hi Bob and all,

I see from Bob's website that ANDE is due to deorbit about December, which 
is going to be a sad day when this happens.. I enjoyed the APRS fun with 
ANDE greatly and will continue to use it with ISS and GO-32! All thanks to 
Bob's love for his hobby..

Although I can find loads of info about ANDE, and the much loved RAFT (BYE 
BYE), I am unsure as to the predicted deorbit of FCAL as I can weakly hear 
the beacon on a 7 element beam, but have never managed to decode it!

I also find that finding sat status a little hard to keep up with? I know 
the AMSAT one has just been updated, but there are sats still active that 
arent on there for freq info? Like PO63 Pheunsat for example, has anyone 
heard this lately?

Finally, thank you too all the suppport you gave me when i first joined the 
group, also Henk PA3GUO for his help with ANDE! I hope that my questions 
aren't too stupid and really am looking forward to perhaps working the 
European ham's on SO-50, A0-51 and AO-27 in the future once I have "plucked" 
up the courage to actually speak! Still waiting the delivery of my arrow!! 
Been using a dual band single plane yagi which is great, but not for FULL 

Anyway, thanks for your understanding in these silly questions!

Chris Bloy - M0DQO
IO90KU - Fareham, UK

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