[amsat-bb] Landwehr 2m Preamp Help/Info & Manual Request

Douglas C. Papay dpapay at chartermi.net
Sun Oct 7 10:29:45 PDT 2007

I recently obtained a Landwehr 2m preamp which I plan to use for AO-7 
operation.  The preamp did not come with any significant 
documentation besides what is printed on the cover (and thats a bit faded).

The preamp appears to be functional, except that it has a tendency to 
switch back and forth between RX and TX by itself (when no RF is 
present and the PTT is not connected).  This has made the preamp 
unusable.  Does anyone have experience with this preamp and/or know 
how this issue can be resolved?

I am looking for any suggestions as well as any documentation 
(manual/schematic) for this preamp that you might have.  Your help is 

Thanks & 73,

Doug, KD8CAO

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