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Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 20:25:42 PDT 2007

Rather than getting an amp and engaging in a power battle (where you could
then be construed as CAUSING INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE to this guy) would it
not be better for AMSAT or one of the control stations to contact the
longwinded station in an official capacity letting him know that if he keeps
hogging the sat passes he will not be welcome.  At least in the los angeles
basin we quite effectively handle this type of thing on land based repeaters
the same way.  They either knock it off or after doccumenting a pattern they
get officially told they may not use the resource (repeater/satellite)  if
they keep it up after this the documentation goes to the fcc who sends them
another (NICE) letter TELLING them they will cease and desist the activity
or risk forfeiture.  They either stop or the fcc takes there gear and their
ham license.  quite effective!  somehow I think this guy would get the
mesage with the first official letter from an amsat representative.


On 10/4/07, John Marranca, Jr <jmarranca at bnsystems.com> wrote:
> I started in Satellites when the Mode K sats were popular.  When they
> died,
> I lost interest.  When Sunsat was popular, I tried...but soon found that
> working for a LARGE telecom demanded more from me than I could devote to
> radio.
> Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed in my 2nd incarnation on the Ham
> Sats
> that some users insist on attempting the LONG QSO.  This, I feel, is
> rather
> unfair given the fact that these sats are not the Oscar 10
> variety...allowing long QSOs.  Rich, N2SPI, at the 2007 Rochester Hamfest
> said that they are like working a contest...because the passes are so
> fast.
> Today, as also noticed on many passes past, one ham in Michigan, relishes
> in
> being longwinded.  I have complained to him directly...not on my
> behalf...but for the OTHERS I heard in FN02...03...and 12 trying to access
> SO-50.  I'm not worried about my situation.  But when I can hear locals
> with
> HTs trying to work the birds...and some INSIST on holding 80 meter style
> chats, I get a bit peeved.  (I'm adding an amp to deal with THIS
> particular
> issue....)
> Am I being petty?  I welcome the critiques, since I am new to sats.
> Don't hold back.  I RESPECT the truth.
> Thanks.
> John KB2HSH
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