[amsat-bb] Re: Terrestrial QRM on AO27 2100z pass

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Wed Oct 3 12:56:42 PDT 2007

--- "John Marranca, Jr" <jmarranca at bnsystems.com> wrote:

> Dave:
> Yes, it was pretty bad.  I worked you on that pass...and it was a bear.
> One thing that I DID realize, however, is that not only was AO-27 in range
> at 2100, but SO-50 was also.  I wonder how much interference was caused by
> that happening.

The problem with SO-50 is that it has PL enabled.  So, the question on SO-50
is: "Is there no-one on, or is the uplink blocked by this intruder?".  With
we can't hear the signal keeping other people out of the satellite.


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