[amsat-bb] Re: Keep It Simple, MM

David B. Toth ve3gyq at amsat.org
Wed Oct 3 02:27:26 PDT 2007

At 07:31 PM 10/2/2007, Frank H. Bauer wrote:
>I feel compelled to comment on one specific item that Dave questions in this
>thread---surface mounted components in space.
>I have worked at NASA for 32+years and have led or guided avionics teams
>throughout NASA for a large part of that time (15+ years).  For many years
>we have used surface mount technology in our avionics products.  I was quite
>proud of our (Goddard) surface mount capabilities.  One of our techs was an
>expert on the installation, removal and replacement of surface mount
>components.an expertise that is highly sought after.  This technology is a
>mainstream capability within the space community.
>So I need to say that this myth is "busted"

Thank you ...
I would certainly accept that as a viable reference!



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