[amsat-bb] Re: RIT for FT-726R?

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Mon Oct 1 18:54:54 PDT 2007

--- Scott Townley <nx7u at cox.net> wrote:

> I don't understand why you'd need RIT...just tune the RX VFO?  Is there a 
> reason you need to keep track of the original RX freq?

Without an RIT, you just wind up walking down frequency on each
transmission, perhaps onto someone else.  With an RIT, you're reset
back to your original downlink frequency each time you transmit.
With any luck, the other guy is doing something of the same sort,
such as computer control, and you wind up sitting in the same
spot for the entire QSO.  To me, this seems like a good thing, since 
I do not have a computer controlled system.

Another thing is that this should cut down the flipping of the satellite
knob back and forth from transmit to receive for each transmission.
I'm looking at the Mouser catalog for solid-state relays.  Maybe I can
get something going.

Bob - AE6RV

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