[amsat-bb] Re: SUD (Small Ugly Dish)

Sil - ZL2CIA zl2cia at paradise.net.nz
Mon Oct 1 14:01:53 PDT 2007

Thanks Stefan VE4NSA for the web address. This appears to be for a 2.4 
GHz antenna and I have found many sites with such designs. The author 
explains how to scale the antenna for other frequencies. It's a good 
site, but not quite what I was looking for and that's probably my fault 
for not making myself clear enough.

I have been looking for more generalised information explaining the 
principles and operation - something explaining how to calculate size 
and spacing and explaining why the calculations are made this way.

Thanks John AA1YE for the pointer to the book by Robert A Sainati. I 
know my local library doesn't have a copy as I have borrowed the few 
antenna design books they have several times. Technical books are, alas, 
disappearing from library shelves. However, with the information 
supplied I can ask them to try and find me a copy using their 
"interloan" system. If it's what I want, I'd happily buy a copy, but 
like to know that first (hi hi).

Thanks for the help guys.


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