[amsat-bb] Just worked AO51 with my new Arrow

Ed Tump ed at squaretfarm.com
Thu Nov 29 16:44:58 PST 2007


I just got my Arrow sat antenna this afternoon and put it together. Very
nice product and easy to assemble. I mounted it on a tripod and checked
Orbitron. With the Packer game coming up I thought I would just leave it in
the den where I put it together. I thought hey, tomorrow I can try it out.
But Orbitron told me that the pass for AO-51 was coming over soon. I thought
this thing will never work inside and in the den. But that Arrow sure did
work. I was so excited and happy I did not even hook up the tape recorder.
So I did make my second satellite contact, the first with AO-51, and the
first with my Arrow. I believe I made contact with grid FN42. Could not
remember call sign.

If anyone heard any of the details I would love to know.




Grid EN52

AmSat Member



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