[amsat-bb] How to receive OSCAR telemetry and setup APRS system

Hamradio .9m hamradio.9m at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 03:44:17 PST 2007

Dear all,

I've been struggling with packet satellite since day one and I have two
questions pertaining my Amateur Satellite Ground Station.

1. I'm new to MixW  and very interested to know more about MixW
configuration to receive Packet Satellite telemetry specifics for OSCAR. I
have bought one complete package which included MixW  software,  RigExpert
plus and interface cable. Unfortunately, till today I can't even decode any
OSCAR telemetry either by using  RigExpert or TNC.

2. My next question is how to operate my station as APRS? I'm be able to
receive somthing from ARISS but the signal is not digipeated. The data as

> RS0ISS-4/SGATE>CQ>UI,R,F0 (1199 baud):
> >ARISS - International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)

How do I verify the packet is really transmitted on air?

My station is equipped with X-Yagi Antenna, UHF Preamp, IC-921, FT-817 and
KAM-XL. In the software part, I used GSC and WxTrack for tracking and MixW.

A million thanks for your suggestion and guidance.



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