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What you want to look for is the propagation effects of weather on the
frequencies you are using on the satellite.  ARRL has some info on its
site for 2 meter and UHF.  There are other sites that focus on microwave
freqs such as 1.2 and 2.4 Ghz.  As you found googling "sats and wx" are
going to bring up sites related to 
geostationary sats.
The weather effects will be the same between sats and terrestial use.
It is possible to have weather caused refraction on your up link or
downlink causing the signal strength to be have higher loss then normal
line of sight.
Hope my ramblings help.


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Subj: [amsat-bb]  Weather Effect
My reception on the LEO's has deteriorated over the last week. During
period we have had some rain but mostly overcast with thunderstorms
50-60 miles. I have checked all the connections, etc on the antenna. The
noise is sporadic hum and lots of QRN.

I have searched for " effects of wx on amateur sats" but turned up


Was hoping someone could point me to some info on wx and sats; I know it
some effect on Direct TV etc but need to get to the source of my
problem. It
is there with the PA on and off...





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