[amsat-bb] ande qsl

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Mon Nov 26 04:58:31 PST 2007

Hi all, I finnally got ande,s telem. Had it for a few days now but had 
trouble sending it here, everything is fine now. srry. Getting good practice 
for the de-orbit contest.
73 kc8gkf

06:58 ANDE-1>BEACON>UI,?,F0 (1200 baud):

06:59 N8FQ/ANDE-1*>T2UY6W>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
`r_Il .y/Joe nr Grand Haven, MI at kb
06:59 VE3TZS/ANDE-1*>APRS>UI,R,F0 (1199 baud):
=4429.40N/08003.33WM ve3tzs at mac.com

06:59 N8FQ/ANDE-1*>T2UY6W>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
`r_Il .y/Joe nr Grand Haven, MI at kb
07:00 ANDE-1>BEACON>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):

09:02 ANDE-1>BEACON>UI,?,F0 (1200 baud):

09:02 K4GR-1/ANDE-1*>APRS>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
:KI4QQM   :Hello Rick de k4gr via  International Space Station
09:02 N0AN-6/ANDE-1*>APRS>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
=4205.00N/09400.00WS73' Via Sat {UISS50}
09:03 K4GR-1/ANDE-1*>APRS>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
=3238.27N/08609.07W`Hello and Greetings de K4GR 73' Via ISS {UISS50}

02:17 W8IC/@NDE-1*>CQ>UI,R,F0 (1199 baud):
02:17 K5VAS-1/ANDE-1*>S2SR2Q>UI,R,F0 (1200 baud):
'y<Vl .;/>

06:36 ANDE-1/SGATE>APRS1>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
:BLN1ANDE :ANDE-1 only wakes up 1  of evry 15s for users. Pse conserve.

using a ht  /soundcard interface with mixw and outdoor dipole antenna. 
recv.only at this time

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