[amsat-bb] rs-15 now eclipse again

Auke de Jong, VE6PWN sparkycivic at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 25 17:07:36 PST 2007

It seems that by my observations that the beacon transmitter was reliable throughout this latest period of non-eclipse.  I noticed that the beacon frequency was always the same(29.3512 usb), and the on/off timings seemed to indicate some state of information by slowly changing the on-duration, and keeping a steady off-duration.  
Now that the orbit has progressed away from the sun on the ascending node, I think it will be interesting to see if the unit will power-off and on for sunlight and behave in predictable ways or whatnot.  There has been some reports from before the non-eclipse period started, where the same beacon signal was heard on a different frequency, but this was before i started listening.  

If anyone notices interesting behaviour such as different beacon frequencies of messages, or if they have information on how to decide what the beacon information might mean, I would be very interested to hear about it.  
Thank you

Auke de Jong,

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