[amsat-bb] Re: Right Angle BNC adapters

John Marranca, Jr KB2HSH at amsat.org
Wed Nov 21 14:14:46 PST 2007

Good Afternoon, everyone.

I just wanted to pass along a whole-hearted thank you to Dave WB6LLO for
sending me a much better Right Angle adapter than what I had been using.
And, as many members here had noted, the differences are astounding.  (My
old one indeed WAS one that utilized a spring rather than any real

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  This year as I am sitting down with my family
in thanks of our many blessings, I will be sure to include all of my friends
here at AMSAT and in the satellite community in my prayers.



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY

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