[amsat-bb] GO-32 Questions

John Marranca, Jr KB2HSH at amsat.org
Fri Nov 16 14:59:33 PST 2007

Hello everybody.

Firstly... just a quick thanks to Bob, WB4APR for helping
me..."correct"...my very bad APRS settings.  As I told Bob, I carried
over the HF mentality of "work as far as you can, and as many as you

OK...now...in regards to GO-32.  I have changed my settings in AGWPE
for 9600 baud.  I have started up UISS, and I've captured a few
snippets of info here and there.  But I can't transmit to it.  What am
I missing here?  Is it due to Doppler?  Is it because the requirements
at 9600 are MUCH more strict than at 1200?  Is it because I'm QRP?

I want to be able to use this bird once PCSAT goes nighty-night in a
few days, as well as ANDE rejoining us here on Earth.

Thanks in advance, my friends.



John Marranca, Jr
PBX Technician/Shop Steward CWA Local 1122
BN Systems, Inc
Orchard Park, NY

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