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Hi Howard,
Good Luck with your project.
Likewise I considered my demo satellite that I had constructed using  the 
drum removed from an old washing 
I did not submit it however as I thought perhaps some young blood out  there 
would come up some idea perhaps.
It was able to transmit and receive on 2 metre, 70 cm and 2.4 Ghz. and able  
to demonstrate ,packet , voice,
and send video pictures . It also sent voice identification and details of  
is operating frequencies using a
simple module that I extracted from a very cheap device.
To also make it realastic to demonstrate with young people I built in a  
module from handheld PMR so that 
they could talk thro it without need for a licence.
The 2.4 Ghz unit was a camera and TX unit used in a TV remote senders which  
are around so cheap.
I also got for only £9 a remote temperature sensor TX together with  the mon
itor  (operates 433 Mhz)
For the radio amateur modules I picked used boards from faulty  handhelds 
that I picked  for a song.
Agree also on the source of solar panels, but I also went to a major store  
and offered to buy quite a number
of solar garden lights that had been returned as faulty.   The  solar cells 
were OK on most of ther units but 
even new units are so cheap to buy especially this time of the year.
Of course for a " Ground based satellite" no worries about all of the  
documentation,safety, risk analysis
and of course "Launch cost"    -  Hi!
Good luck and enjoy the fun.


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