[amsat-bb] Re: PCSAT-1 UPLINK over Europe

Raul, EA4EKH ea4ekh at telefonica.net
Thu Nov 15 15:16:16 PST 2007

Hi everyone,

I know very well EA4HP and he is not a bad ham, otherwise he wouldn't be so
pro active installing and maintaining a few digis in Spain. He is doing a
good job.
Because he is my friend and is not joined to this reflector, I sent him this
email. Here it is his reply to the group.

73 de Raul, EA4EKH.

Dear friends, 

My good friend EA4EKH, has made me reach for my bad practice complaint last
November 14, when I contacted the PCSAT in APRS. 

First of all I would like to apologize publicly to all users of satellite
and on all those who have with my frame I could prevent reach him. 

It was not my intention to saturate the satellite, what happened was that I
tried to pass previous contact with the satellite without there, as used in
the PATH different options (RELAY, TRACE, WIDE, PCSAT-1, etc.) without
success, until I saw the possibility of using the PATH W3ADO-1. 

Being able limited, to go by car and with little power in the pass reaching
my beacons not get to hear my beacons repeated by the PCSAT, so I insist on
my beacon for attempting to contact. 

It appears that the satellite hear many of my beacons without that I could
receive back as repeated. This is why my beacon is repeated so often. 

Again, I want to ask again apologize to all and to return to contact
following appropriate recommendations. 

Thank you all and sorry so much. 

Jose Luis EA4HP.

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Here is why some low power stations have trouble getting into
PCSAT over Europe.  One station is transmitting his packet every
12 seconds.  If he would back off to once a minute as
recommended, five times as many people could be successful.

00:01:37:11 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPPR,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wBx"r_R/]":!}SAT APRS 
00:01:37:24 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPPT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wBO"|`R/]":4}SAT APRS 
00:01:37:33 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:37:42 : F9XG]CQ,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:=/5Kw+NPI4-
00:01:37:52 :
"r"R/]":5}SAT APRS
00:01:38:05 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPUT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wAq"q|R/]"9w}SAT APRS 
00:01:38:12 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:38:59 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQRV,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w@{"r:R/]"9u}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:07 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQST,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w at p"r:R/]"9{}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:15 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQTT,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w@["rIR/]"9w}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:29 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQUS,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w at C"hQR/]"9j}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:34 : DF4FO-1]CQ,W3ADO-1*,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,ON7EQ::EA4HP-9
:..73`s !..
00:01:39:35 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:39:42 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQVQ,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w@##"HR/]"9p}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:55 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQWS,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w?b"hOR/]":0}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:09 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQXP,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w?@"rMR/]":E}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:23 :
00:01:40:25 : DF4FO-1]CQ,W3ADO-1*,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,EI7IG::EA4HP-9
:..73`s !..
00:01:40:34 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRPT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w]w"^3R/]":l}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:42 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRPY,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w]e"",R/]":x}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:46 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRQW,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w]]"",R/]";/}SAT APRS 

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