[amsat-bb] Re: PCSAT-1 UPLINK over Europe

Chris Bloy chris at photofuture.co.uk
Wed Nov 14 11:23:07 PST 2007

Hi Bob,

Yes, this is the station I saw as dupes! EA4HP was the one..!

I should have checked findu and saw that.. this guy does every pass even the 
early morning ones when they were coming..

My chances of hitting it using my D7 is very remote with that sort of 
traffic... I can use my home station, but your design was for handheld users 
and mobiles??

Its a very sad that some people have to abuse a service like this...

Thanks, and i am very determind to get at least one packet through even if 
it kills me!


M0DQO-8 = TH-D7 through PCSAT on 5WATTS

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From: "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>
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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 13:17:33 -0500
Subject: [amsat-bb]  PCSAT-1 UPLINK  over Europe

Here is why some low power stations have trouble getting into
PCSAT over Europe.  One station is transmitting his packet every
12 seconds.  If he would back off to once a minute as
recommended, five times as many people could be successful.

00:01:37:11 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPPR,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wBx"r_R/]":!}SAT APRS 
00:01:37:24 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPPT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wBO"|`R/]":4}SAT APRS 
00:01:37:33 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:37:42 : F9XG]CQ,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:=/5Kw+NPI4-
00:01:37:52 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPRW,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wB"r"R/]":5}SAT APRS
00:01:38:05 :
EA4HP-9]T1RPUT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'wAq"q|R/]"9w}SAT APRS 
00:01:38:12 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:38:59 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQRV,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w@{"r:R/]"9u}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:07 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQST,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w at p"r:R/]"9{}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:15 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQTT,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w@["rIR/]"9w}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:29 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQUS,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w at C"hQR/]"9j}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:34 : DF4FO-1]CQ,W3ADO-1*,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,ON7EQ::EA4HP-9
:..73`s !..
00:01:39:35 : F9XG]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6::DF4FO-1 :Hello
Fred 73!{05
00:01:39:42 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQVQ,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w@##"HR/]"9p}SAT APRS 
00:01:39:55 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQWS,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w?b"hOR/]":0}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:09 :
EA4HP-9]T1RQXP,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w?@"rMR/]":E}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:23 :
00:01:40:25 : DF4FO-1]CQ,W3ADO-1*,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,EI7IG::EA4HP-9
:..73`s !..
00:01:40:34 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRPT,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w]w"^3R/]":l}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:42 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRPY,W3ADO-1*,qAo,G4HYG-1:'w]e"",R/]":x}SAT APRS 
00:01:40:46 :
EA4HP-9]T1RRQW,W3ADO-1*,qAO,EA4EKH-6:'w]]"",R/]";/}SAT APRS 

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