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Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Tue Nov 13 13:51:16 PST 2007

Hi Bob and the group...

re:  "assume it will have a word processor, a browser, a spreadsheet, a
drawing program and other basic tools"

It has that and more.  You can run the emulator for XO right now using a
VMware image including chatting/typing with your neighbors.  Your
neighborhood will be over the internet rather than WIFI but the XO doesn't
care what your connectivity is, only that you are connected.  If you see me
on your desktop - we can chat and share a bunch of other stuff.  I'll be the
"VE4YZ" icon.

The VMware image is here and runs right out of the box:


The freeware VMplayer is here:


Folks who have not been exposed to Linux GUI's will have a bit of a learning
curve.  Try F1, F2, F3 etc to see your various desktops and, like the kids,
have fun exploring.  You will be learning all kinds of new stuff but you
won't know that you are on a learning curve.  Allow yourself to assume your
child-like state and enjoy.  This shouldn't hard as I think most hams are in
that mode when playing with their toys :-)

Alan, VE4YZ

p.s. Mac and Linux users also have emulator and the main page for all O/S is


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I notice that the OLPC comes with one year free T-mobile wireless access.

Am about to purchase.  The fine print says:
- No support.  No service. BLOGGS will help you.
- You are part of a mission, not a customer
- BOGO from 12 to 26 November only.

Questions:  Is there an implication here, that after this initial offering,
that these will not be sold to USA students and kids?  That these are only
for 3rd world?  That there will be some kind of limit to keep afluent kids
out of the program?

I assume not.  Because all this program needs is VOLUME production and the
way to get that is to sell to everyone.  And besides, they need lots of
talented kids develping software to raise the overall open-software
collective value.

Can anyone shed light on this?  Rather than buying my kids a flufffed up
bloated windows laptop, I'd rather get them an OLPC to support the program
and so they can learn the big picture and contribute to the collective
education of the world.  I assume it will have a word processor, a browser,
a spreadsheet, a drawing program and other basic tools.

Big picture?  Will American schools be fully participating?


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