[amsat-bb] Re: AO-27 schedule issue

George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 13 11:52:13 PST 2007

I can also confirm this anomaly.  The only things I can think of are if the TOPR or EPOCH files being distributed on ao27.org are different from the ones the site is actually using, or if Mike has made some tweak in the C++ program that he is running on the site.  

I will have my son (author of the Java version) take a look at the ao27.org source code to see if something has been changed.

George, KA3HSW

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>I can confirm this.  November 13 UTC 19:34:53 WEB vs 19:28:50 JAVA - 6
>minutes 3 seconds after updating data in the java scheduler.
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-27 schedule issue
>I'm a little puzzled with AO-27 schedule as I see a 6 minutes mismatch
>between the official page and the java applet.
>Right now (16:26:14 UTC), I see that next event on AO-27 home page is:
>        Next Event  UTC => Tue Nov 13 16:45:15 2007
>        State    => 4
>        Mode    => OFF
>But with the Java I get:
>        Next Event  UTC => Tue Nov 13 16:39:13 2007
>        State    => 4
>        Mode    => OFF
>Note the 6 minutes and 2 seconds lag.
>Has anybody noted it as well?
>I get just the same results as with java on an EXCEL sheet I wrote, so I'm
>not sure if I'm doing something wrong with TOPR and EPOCH data files for
>it's the first time I see this issue.
>I always copied and pasted the data into two txt files one for EPOCH and
>another for TOPR
>I will appreciate any feedback and ideas.
>73 Angel, EA4DUT

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