[amsat-bb] Amplifier progress

Greg KJ6KO kj6ko at innercite.com
Wed Nov 7 17:35:41 PST 2007

Hello to all that have amplifiers coming.  Just a note to let you know how the first batch of amps is turning out.

They don't re-tune quite as well as I thought they would, but are averaging 65W out w/5W input at 1269MHz.  When tuned for 1269, the output at 1296 is averaging about 55W.  The biggest problem seems to be input tuning.  The input return loss changes greatly when moved 28MHz, but is still useable on both ends of the band.  I won't let one go out that doesn't do at least 60W minimum with 5W input.

I should be getting the first batch out by the end of the week!

73 de Greg

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