[amsat-bb] Re: PCSAT-1 over Europe

Chris Bloy chris at photofuture.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 11:23:51 PST 2007

Hi Bob,

>We will configure PCSAT-1 to operate like the terrestrial
>network under the New-N paradigm.  This will help prevent  uesrs
>that are using a rate that is too high.  We will turn OFF all
>RELAY, WIDE, ARISS and APRSAT digipeating.
>We will turn on ONLY WIDEn-N digipeating because it has a
>built-in dupe elimination filter.
Thats a good idea and hopefully will increase the passes that I can work 

Could you also just check that this path is correct.

currently i have : APRS,ARISS,SGATE,WIDE5-5

should this now be: APRS,WIDE,SGATE??

I hope I understand this correctly.


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