[amsat-bb] Re: Email via Satellite Simulated Emergency Test

w8iss@wideopenwest.com w8iss at wideopenwest.com
Mon Nov 5 19:58:58 PST 2007

> > As it happens, I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 on a new machine at work and
> > noticed the raft of ham radio applications that are available with this
> > distro. I look forward to the day that phaseIV_beacon_demodulator is among
> > them!
> Soundmodem which is a soundcard modem for both 1200 afsk and 9600 
> fsk is now user-space and available in the deb/ubuntu repositories.  
> Soundmodem and Xastir will let you work APRS in linux without buying 
> a TNC.  MixW will also run under Wine.

In Ubuntu, there is ao40tlmview and modemp3d already under the Amatuer Radio
section in Synaptic Package Manager.

I just upgraded to 7.10 myself and having problems with WSJT and segmentation
errors (core dumps). Just another thing to have fun figureing out before the
ARRL EME weekend this month.

James W8ISS

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