[amsat-bb] Re: Surface Mount Repair

Glenn Little WB4UIV glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 3 16:37:31 PST 2007

The IC may be held to the board with thermally setting epoxy. You can heat 
the IC with a hot air gun. This will over cure the epoxy and allow you to 
remove the IC without board damage. Use a small nozzle on the hot air gun 
and direct the heat to the IC. Use a dental pick as a pry bar under the IC 
to remove it as you are applying heat.


At 05:38 PM 11/03/07, Roy wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>I am trying to replace a 22 pin surface mount IC on a piece of Panasonic
>video quipment.  I have all of the leads unsoldered but now I find that
>the IC is stuck to the board, maybe intentionally.  It doesn't appear to
>be just the circuit board coating.  It's more like the whole bottom
>surface is cemented.
>I would appreciate hearing from anyone, off line, who has experience in
>removing a stuck IC from the board.  I have tried flux removerand 91%
>Isopropal Alcohol with no luck.  I hesitate to force it or destroy the
>chip since there are traces running beneath it.  Any ideas of a safe
>solvent or another way to unstick this thing?
>Roy -- W0SL
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