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> Quoting Michael Tondee <mat_62 at netcommander.com>:
>> Well unless I've misread or misunderstood something the Eagle payloads
>> would now be put to use in the geostationary orbit. There would be no
>> HEO Eagles. We would have one conventional HEO bird in orbit and that
>> would be P3E. Can someone in the know clarify or is it just to early to
>> know for sure?
>> 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
> We should keep SSETI-ESEO's mode U/S transponder in mind.
> http://www.sseti.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=198&Itemid=107
> Could be a bit of a black-belt affair, since the power would be 10w and I
> don't think they can count on much gain, but still seems to me to be a
> conventional HEO bird.
> In any case, phase IV has been a long-standing dream of AMSAT; it seems we
> are closer than ever to realizing that dream.  It also is a very practical
> platform for emergency communications, an application that as a group we
> have wanted to support but to which our current and prospective orbits 
> have
> frankly not been ideally-suited.  Finally, the scarcity of HEO rides has
> been a dark cloud over two of three up-coming HEO projects worldwide. By
> negotiating a new source for these, our board is taking important steps in
> assuring the future of just about any project.
> There is some concern that a geostationary HEO will be less fun because it
> is easier to track. We should remember that the equation that solves for
> 'fun' has 'experience' as one of its variables. Thus, for a new ham,
> setting up an s-band dish to point at a geostationary satellite will
> provide a great deal of challenge and of satisfaction. For the more
> experienced, the advanced communication package should make a similar 
> offer.
> It's amazing to read some of the great ideas spinning off from this
> opportunity. I imagine my daughter's grade 7 geology class being augmented
> by a live link with a park ranger in the Canadian North. No other AMSAT
> project would lend itself well to such a use.
> We should seek to make this not only an important part of the amateur
> emergency toolkit, but also a must-have resource for schools around North
> America. Just as ARISS offers schools a glimpse into life aboard ISS, a
> 'Learning on the Edge' program could link students with people in remote
> locations. It would train and equip people destined for remote locations
> and would, with local ham help, equip schools to communicate with the
> people in the field. These adventurers and scientists would make 1/2h
> contacts with each of the schools in the network, explaining their work 
> and
> the place they are in.
> 73, Bruce
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