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Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Thu May 24 14:47:51 PDT 2007

Luc suggested...

"... I suggest strongly to boycott this group..."

Luc...I agree 100%... I will boycott this group as long as you do...it's
time someone gave one for the "team"...


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> On 24 May 2007 at 10:39, DeYoung James wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I was listening to 2.4012-GHz +/- doppler FM-mode with
> > my K5GNA/AIDC downconverter at the focus of a Starband
> > .75-m x 1.0-m ellptical dish, I never heard myself
> > (145.88-MHz up) but transmitted only a few times.
> > However, I did hear strong "digital" signals at max.
> > EL. for about 30-s on two passes last evening and
> > fairly strong quieting at times.  No voices heard at
> > all, however.  I have heard nothing but white noise
> > monitoring 2.4012-GHz when AO-51 is below the horizon
> > so pretty sure it was AO-51 and not terrestrial.
> > Without a regular beacon signal in space it is very
> > hard to be sure if all my equipment is working,
> > however.  I do have a Gardiner down-converter 2.4-GHz
> > signal source so pretty sure my LO value is correct to
> > a few KHz.
> >
> > Anybody willing to admit to Tx'ing digital or anything
> > else last evening on east-coast U.S. passes to confirm
> > that my 2.4-GHz equipment is really working?
> >
> > 73, KG4QWC (FM18)
> >
> >
> >
> Just to confirm i was on th2 2 morning pass one nearly overhead and
another ay
> 18 deg max i used to get s9+20 signal when AO-51 was overhead but with
> fade i was testting an old BBQ grill with the same K5GNA downconverter but
> results where a bit on the low side comparing with a 7.5 foot dish. i make
> contact with: WD9EWK and W7JPI
> P.S. It is obvious my recent post about AMSAT-NA misused of members money
and funds diverted to others purpose toutch a sensible chord...
> Mr Hambly and AMSAT-NA censors me as i am unable the post any message on
> What about a nation who is presenting himself as a free nation
> ... I suggest strongly to boycot this group lets say for now the president
Hambly and the BOD an anti democratic organisation.
> That's what i was suspecting since a while actually.
> Poor double standards America you are getting back what you plant abroad.
> "-"
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> that holds the license."
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