[amsat-bb] Re: Feed Line Loss @ Freq vs. Price

Stargate stargatesg1 at verizon.net
Thu May 10 14:26:38 PDT 2007

While on this subject, has anyone used a "Return Loss Bridge" (RLB) to
measure their actual
total system loss. I was planning on doing that when I get my antenna system
up and
running to give me a base line for future improvements.

Any thoughts?


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> > This is true.  However, the connectors you must put in line
> from past the
> > rotator
> > to regular LMR-600 to the station would likely eat up all the delta in
> > loss!
> To continue the thread accurately - we now need to know how lossy specific
> connectors are.
> All of these "runs" described so far are about 40', a "typical" number for
> a small tower or structure many hams might have... but if you're running
> 100' up a tower or structure... the clear winner starts to emerge...
> 1/2" (or bigger!) hardline with a short jumper of something flexible at
> the top and high-quality N-connectors at that junction.
> Right?  Feel free to do the math... if you can find real world numbers for
> connector losses that you trust.
> Also keep in mind if you ever plan on "re-purposing" any of the cable runs
> up the tower for duplexed service (going to put a repeater on the tower
> via one of your runs of cable), LMR is a very VERY poor choice for
> duplexing... its design leads to noise and desense problems.  Not a
> problem in non-duplexed service, though.
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